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Jumper arm

Jumper arms are pipe systems fitted with swivel joints to allow a controlled range of movement in the horizontal and/or vertical plane. The jumper arms are used for various applications, including connecting multiple supply lines to a single central discharge line, and setting up connections between connection points that can move relative to each other due to thermal expansion and other causes.

Product Features

By using WLT swivel joints and high-quality materials, the jumper arms are suitable for loading any type of liquid, they are long-lasting. The jumper arms are particularly user-friendly on account of the expert design.

  • if required, the basic types can be adapted through customised design according to specific applications or the customer’s individual requirements.
  • TA Luft certified swivel joints.

Each WLT Jumper arm is specially made to suit specific applications or your individual requirements.

Technische details

The jumper arms are available in several versions and materials.

diameter DN25 (1″) t/m DN300 (12″)
material carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PTFE lined
control manual, pneumatic, hydraulic


  • steam tracing, oil jacketing, electrical tracing
  • piggable version
  • detection devices


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