About us

Supplier of loading equipment and fall protection equipment

WLT liquid & gas loading technology B.V. produces advanced products for transferring liquids and gases to and from ships, tank trucks, rail car and other (small) storage containers. We also have developed our own complete range of fall protection systems to guarantee the safety of operators and drivers when transferring liquids and gases to tank trucks and rail cars.

Who we are

Down-to-earth professionals

There is no such thing as a standard product in our company. We listen to your requirements and create tailor-made solutions. We see process diversity as an enjoyable challenge and welcome the opportunity of becoming even more proficient at what we do. We go that all-important extra mile for you with our personal approach, involvement and flexibility. A proven recipe for success since 1986, both for us and our customers.

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What we do

The complete package under one roof

We design

Before we start work at the drawing board, we discuss your requirements first. Each design is unique, because each situation is different. The creativity of our engineers allows us to deliver an innovative and solution-oriented design. Our engineers use a 3D drawing package to ensure that the equipment fits perfectly in the existing environment where it will be installed.

We produce

From design to product: we have everything needed to create the tangible final result. In our workshop, our professional welders, fitters and technicians work hard to produce high-quality, tailor-made products.

We install

We have your best interests at heart and do everything possible to avoid disrupting your normal business activities when installing our products. So we assemble our loading arms and fall protection equipment at our workshop first. Then we jointly test the product with you. Only then we install the equipment at your site.

We maintain

Our service does not stop after installation. We inspect our equipment annually or every six months, and carry out maintenance as required. Furthermore, we also discuss how to increase your work efficiency with you during these inspections, and repair or completely overhaul existing equipment, even if it has been sourced from other manufacturers.

We deliver

We offer a complete package from engineering to after sales service. Based on reliability, involvement and a personal approach. And we keep our promises. Resulting in high satisfaction and loyalty among our customers.

The people at WLT

A professional team with big ambitions. At WLT, we are always looking for people with a no-nonsense mentality. A strong customer focus, the ability to think outside the box and react quickly are embedded in our DNA. Interested? Take a look at our vacancies and contact us if interested.

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Why WLT?

Our values

Made in Holland

You can expect a truly Dutch approach at WLT: straightforward, hard-working and a pioneering mentality. And we love a challenge! We know our capabilities and offer you high quality and a full-service experience.

Your requirements are our focus at WLT. Rather than offering generic products made in high volumes, we create a tailor-made solution that meets your needs.

We are involved in your project from A to Z. The engineers draw the design and our team of technical craftsmen creates your end product in a controlled, step-by-step process. In addition, we also install, maintain and overhaul the equipment and are happy to assist with solving other technical issues within our field of expertise.

We also support you after installation. Every year, or six months, we visit you to inspect the equipment. And we also handle your repairs and overhauls promptly and skilfully. We do not leave site until we know that everything is running as it should.

We give careful consideration to good working conditions. Your staff needs to be able to use our equipment in an ergonomic, healthy and safe manner. Our engineers’ design always takes this into account.

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