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Folding stairs and fall protection equipment

Loading platform

The standard loading platform offered by WLT provides easy and safe access to the top of tank trucks and rail cars. The platform is mounted to a single support column and includes an access stair. A folding stair and two loading arms can be fitted to both sides of the platform. A canopy is available as an option.

Folding stair

Folding stairs are used to gain comfortable and safe access to the top of tank trucks and railcars. The folding stair can be equipped with a safety cage to create a safe work zone. Folding stairs with a larger step width not only increase the access to the working area, but they are also suitable for carrying and positioning of the loading arms or other equipment.

Fall protection equipment

WLT offers a wide range of low-maintenance fall protection equipment to maximise safety when working on a tank truck or rail car. This equipment is mainly custom built to suit your application. WLT offers a large variety of types of fall protection equipment, the final choice depends on the situation and available budget.

Mobile access platform

Our M1 mobile access platform is the solution if you need to gain access to a tank truck in a safe and flexible manner. The stairs with a handrail and non-slip steps provide convenient access in both directions. The integrated safety cage creates a safe and comfortable work zone. This equipment allows you to carry out inspections or take samples at multiple locations without going to the expense of installing a fixed platform.

The highly manoeuvrable structure is free-standing so it can never get in the way of the tank truck wheels. The working height is adjustable. Clever design ensures that the M1 is stable and easy to manoeuvre as a result, even in confined spaces.