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Swivel joints and additional equipment

Swivel joint

Swivel joints can be fitted to fixed piping used to transport liquids and gases in order to add flexibility. The spring-energized seals in the WLT swivel joints guarantee a perfect sealing under all operating conditions (high pressure, high and low temperature). The three-part design of the WLT swivel joint makes that the product seals can be replaced without removing the bearings. The leak detection indicates the condition of the seal.

Break away coupler

A break away coupler is a safety device. It is fitted within the loading arm or hose and it ensures that the liquid supply is interrupted instantly if the tanker or rail car would unexpectedly drive off during loading. This prevents environmental pollution, explosion risks or damage to the loading system.

Pipe hinge

The pipe hinge consists of a composite hose in a steel structure and is used as a flexible connection in floating roof drain pipes. It combines the flexibility of a hose with the strength of a solid pipe connection.

Spare parts

We keep all spare parts for our loading equipment in stock so that repairs and maintenance can be carried out without delay. This not only applies to loose parts such as seal sets and shear bolts. Complete products such as swivel joints, break-away couplings and even folding stairs can also be delivered from stock in an emergency.

WLT also provides a fast delivery of components from other manufacturers.

QC/DC coupler

Our design of quick connect/disconnect coupling (QC/DC) makes it possible to quickly and easily create a liquid-tight joint between a loading arm and a flange connection. The quick release coupling includes a permanent seal and fits all commonly used flanges.