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Loading platform

The standard loading platform offered by WLT provides easy and safe access to the top of tank trucks and rail cars. The platform is mounted to a single support column and includes an access stair. A folding stair and two loading arms can be fitted to both sides of the platform. A canopy is available as an option.

Product Features

  • standard type compact and easy to install in existing situations
  • suitable to use in combination with folding stairs and loading arms
  • designed according to EN-1090
  • if required, the basic type can be adapted through customised design according to specific applications or the customer’s individual requirements
  • expandable with roof construction
  • adjustable to the environment by means of a special coating system and Fiber Reinforced Plastic grating

Technische details

The specifications of the standard type of the WLT loading platform are as follows:

dimensions 1.600 x 1.600 mm (l x b)
heights up to 4.400 mm
material carbon steel, galvanised or coated

All details


Technische details DS.LP.01.N


  • roof construction
  • intermediate landing
  • different dimensions


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