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Break away coupler

A break away coupler is a safety device. It is fitted within the loading arm or hose and it ensures that the liquid supply is interrupted instantly if the tanker or rail car would unexpectedly drive off during loading. This prevents environmental pollution, explosion risks or damage to the loading system.

Product Features

The WLT break away coupler functions according to the check valve principle. The coupler halves are connected by break studs. Two spring-closing valves hold each other in the open position. In case of breaking, the valves lock up on account of the spring and liquid pressure, blocking the product flow completely. The coupler can be easily reset.

The WLT break away couplers are suitable for any type of liquids and they are long-lasting due to the use of high-quality materials. Pressure loss is minimised on account of the adapted design.

Technische details

The break away coupler is available in several versions and materials.

diameter DN50 (2″) up to DN150 (6″)
material stainless steel, hastelloy
seal PTFE / Viton / Buna

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Technische details DS.BACCV.01.N


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