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Top loading arm

Top loading arms are used for loading and unloading tankers and rail cars from the top. The loading arm is mounted on a loading platform and connects the vehicle to the loading installation by means of a flange connection or through the manhole.

Product Features

By using WLT swivel joints and high-quality materials, the top loading arms are suitable for loading any type of liquid, they are long-lasting. The loading arms are particularly user-friendly on account of the expert design.

  • if required, the basic types can be adapted through customised design according to specific applications or the customer’s individual requirements.
  • designed to be able to realise a compact and flexible parking position
  • TA Luft certified swivel joints

WLT provides the ideal top loading arm for every situation. There are four basic types available in several versions and materials.

Technische details

Are you looking for a product that matches your situation more closely? We supply tailor-made solutions: the basic designs are customised where necessary to suit specific applications or your individual requirements.

The combination of top loading arms together with the right access platforms and fall protection equipment is very important for the ergonomics of the equipment and the safety of the operator. That is why WLT provides complete solutions for top loading, existing of loading platforms, folding stairs and fall protection equipment and top loading arms.

type TS – for fixed working areas
TP – for smaller working areas
TK – for considerable working areas
TD – for considerable working areas, including a fixed vapour return line
diameter DN50 (2″) up to DN150 (6″)
material carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PTFE lined
control manual, pneumatic, hydraulic


  • vapour return line
  • steam tracing, oil jacketing, electrical tracing
  • piggable version
  • sanitary version
  • break away coupler
  • telescopic drop pipe
  • overfill protection
  • detection devices


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