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Marine loading arm

Marine loading arms are used for loading and unloading sea/river going vessels. The loading arm is mounted on a jetty and connects the vessel to the shore-based loading/unloading system. We offer an optimised loading arm for every situation.

Product Features

By using WLT swivel joints and high-quality materials, the marine loading arms are suitable for shipping any type of liquid, they are long-lasting. The loading arms are particularly user-friendly on account of the expert design.

  • if required, the basic types can be adapted through customised design according to specific applications or the customer’s individual requirements
  • self supporting product line or supporting structure for special applications
  • manually operated up to fully hydraulic operation
  • TA Luft certified swivel joints

Are you looking for a product that matches your situation more closely? We supply tailor-made solutions: the basic designs are customised where necessary to suit specific applications or your individual requirements.

Technische details

Depending on the sizes of the mooring ships, two basic types can be delivered in various versions and materials.

type 1000 – for smaller working areas and straightforward systems
2000 – for medium sized working areas and more complex systems
3000 – for large working areas or large diameters, provided with support structure for the product line
diameter DN100 (4″) up to DN300 (12″)
material carbon steel, stainless steel


  • Quick Connect/Disconnect Coupler
  • emergency release system
  • break away coupler
  • hydraulic operation
  • range alarm system
  • vapour return line, fixed piping or piggy back type
  • drain, purge and instrument connections
  • vacuum breaker
  • insulation flange


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