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Swivel joint

Swivel joints can be fitted to fixed piping used to transport liquids and gases in order to add flexibility. The spring-energized seals in the WLT swivel joints guarantee a perfect sealing under all operating conditions (high pressure, high and low temperature). The three-part design of the WLT swivel joint makes that the product seals can be replaced without removing the bearings. The leak detection indicates the condition of the seal.

Product Features

  • TA Luft certified swivel joints

Technische details

The swivel joints are available in several versions and materials.

type 30-2000 – standard version
30-3000 – high pressure and/or high temperature
30-3620 – PFA lined
30-0470 – low fit
diameter DN25 (1″) up to DN300 (12″) (depending on the type)
material carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium
product seal PTFE / Viton / EPDM
bearing double ball-track with permanent lubrication


  • complete jacketing
  • piggable version
  • flange connections / elbows


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