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Hose reel

Our hose reels can be used to transfer liquids and as a return line for vapours released during the transfer process. The hose reel consists of a steel frame and a reel equipped with a spring-return drive that allows accurate control when unwinding or rewinding the hose.

Product Features

By using WLT swivel joints and high-quality materials, the hose reels are suitable for loading any type of liquid, they are long-lasting. The reels are particularly user-friendly on account of the expert design.

  • if required, the basic types can be adapted through customised design according to specific applications or the customer’s individual requirements
  • simple control by means of spring rewind reel

We offer the optimal hose reel for every situation, available in various diameters and materials

Technische details

The reel is mounted on ground level and connects the tanker or rail car to the loading installation by means of a flange connection or through a quick release coupler.

diameter DN25 (1″) up to DN50 (2″)
hose rubber, composite, PTFE lined

Are you looking for a product that connects more effectively in your situation? We can modify the basic designs in line with your instructions.

All details


Technische details DS.TH.02.N


  • manually, pneumatically or hydraulically operated
  • electrical drive
  • hose guide
  • valve
  • break away coupler
  • coupling


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