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Hose tower

A hose tower is the perfect solution when several products need to be loaded at the same time. The compact steel structure is equipped with several, separately operated swivel/hose combinations. The number can vary from 2 to more than 20 units per tower.

Product Features

The swivel/hose combinations are, depending on the working area, available in several dimensions, from DN80 (3″) up to DN250 (10″). The hose towers ensure efficient and fast loading.

  • minimum space required on the jetty
  • flexible loading of different mediums on one jetty
  • TA Luft certified swivel joints
  • ergonomic operation of hoses
  • minimize tripping hazards on jetty and wearing of the hoses
  • expandable with ship detection system and break-away coupling
  • crane control integrated into complete system

Technische details

diameter DN80 (3″) up to DN250 (10″)
material carbon steel, stainless steel

All details


Technische details DS.HT.01.N


  • Quick Connect/Disconnect Coupler
  • break away coupler
  • ship detection system to follow the movements of the ship
  • insulation flange
  • radiographic operation


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