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Fall protection equipment

WLT offers a wide range of low-maintenance fall protection equipment to maximise safety when working on a tank truck or rail car. This equipment is mainly custom built to suit your application. WLT offers a large variety of types of fall protection equipment, the final choice depends on the situation and available budget.

Product Features

The working area can be completely fenced off with the WLT fall protection equipment, as well as in length as in width. The operator can easily adjust the working area to the height, length and position of the tanker or rail car due to the central control panel and the application of spring cylinders.

The WLT fall protection equipment is available in many versions and materials.

  • if required, the basic type can be adapted through customised design according to specific applications or the customer’s individual requirements.
  • pneumaticalliy or hydraulically operated
  • standard version in galvanized carbon steel, other anti-corrosion treatments and materials available
  • by using WLT fall protection equipment, falling of tankers can be prevented

Solutions that satisfy all your requirements and wishes, and fit perfectly within existing structures.

Technische details

WLT can advise you in existing and new situations about the most suitable fall protection equipment. Taking into account the equipment which is used on the tank car e.g. loading arms or tank cleaning equipment. If required a complete customized solution will be developed, complying to all wishes and demands and fitting in existing steel structures.

fall protection types – safety cage, operation may or may not be combined with the folding stair, length from 1.400 mm up to 12.000 mm
– safety cage, vertically moveable, length from 1.400 mm up to 12.000 mm
– safety gates, operation combined with folding stair
– safety gates, operation separately from folding stair, for optimal flexibility
– safety gates, vertically moveable
material carbon steel (galvanised or coated), stainless steel, aluminium
control pneumatic, hydraulic, hydro-pneumatic


  • parking detection
  • movable length barrier to adjust the length if the working area
  • walkway lengthwise of the fall protection


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